Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Paper Made ! Inspirational for paper project

Do you believe that you can make something that is stunning and pretty only by using paper? Now, you can make a home décor, jewelry, party favors, or even any special gifts by using paper ! Are you interested to know more about it? Yup, it’s about crafting. Are you familiar with that? If you talk about craft project, it must be something unique and new, right? Let’s use your innovation, creativity, and imagination by using everything around you. It can be paper, glass, plastic, and many more. Today, you will be introduced to the new book that discuss about how to make every day paper ! 

paper craft

Do you want to make Scrap Happy Globe Lantern for your dining room? Well, you don’t need to buy something which is expensive and complicated. Here, the most important thing that must be prepared is just graph or white paper ! Do you want to know how to make a beautiful necklace by using playing cards? How about bracelet which is made from a gum wrapper? Now, you will get great ideas on your paper project through this book, Paper Made! What is it about? As you have read, it’s a book that gives you some ideas and inspirations, especially about paper project. 

If you have shopping bag, magazines, old maps, candy wrappers, or maybe wrapping papers, don’t throw it away. Instead, you can create something that is beautiful and useful for your home decoration. What do you think about that? This book will help you a lot in creating something from any papers. 

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